Installation Process

The entire process for your new Pull-Out shelves is completed in two easy steps. Our trained professionals will visit your home, take inventory of  your cabinetry and storage, and give you a recommendation tailored exclusively for you. Once your needs are made known to us, we will take some measurements, determine what shelves are best suited for you, and give you an on-site estimate. We will then place your order for each custom made shelf.

Building and delivery of your Pull-Out shelves will take two to three weeks. Our installers will then return for your on-site installation. Because we use your existing cabinetry and dimensions, and do some pre-assembly work at our plant site, most installations will be completed in a few hours.

Durable Product

  1. All Pull-Out shelves are hand-made and assembled utilizing durable dovetail construction.
  2. Each shelf will hold 100 pounds when fully extended and is supported on each side by powder coated steel brackets.


Adjust Shelves to Meet Constantly Changing Needs

  • Using the pilaster support system, each shelf can be adjusted as your needs change.
  • Adjustments to the shelf level can be easily made by the customer.